The Western Mine Workers Alliance is you, your workmates, and hundreds of miners across the Pilbara coming together for a stronger voice at work.

Union members all over Australia win better wages, safer conditions, and a voice at work. It’s no different in Pilbara mines – when workers come together we win.

Union members are fighting for:

  • secure jobs for all workers are automation and non-permanent work take hold
  • an iron clad commitment from Rio Tinto that workers whose jobs are automated will be retrained, reskilled and redeployed
  • a lasting and genuine commitment that Rio Tinto won’t turn their back on Pilbara communities
  • better wages, safer conditions, and a voice at work

Fill in the form and an organiser will contact you to complete the process of joining your union.

All information is confidential and will never be used for any purpose other than fighting for a better deal at work.

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