mining truck

We are working hard across Rio Tinto’s Pilbara iron ore operations making them world class operations.

We work hard, yet are faced with insecure jobs, stagnant wage growth and declining working conditions. Our hard work keeps the mine running and profits high - but our voice isn’t being heard.

Rio Tinto is building its mines for the future, the WMWA is working hard to make sure our members have a future too. We need your help to ensure this happens.

We’re coming together as one, we are the Western Mine Workers Alliance, building power for workers in the Pilbara. Join us.

The Alliance

The Western Mine Workers Alliance is hundreds of Pilbara mining workers, under the banners of the CFMEU (Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union - Mining and Energy Division) and AWU (Australian Workers Union). Together, the two unions are where mining workers come together to build power in our workplaces.


The Western Mine Workers Alliance is you, your workmates, and hundreds of miners across the Pilbara coming together to fight for fair automation of our mines, better wages, safer conditions, and a voice at work. Join us today.